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4-way Neck Machine Targeted Area.

Neck Machine Exercise Movements.

Standard color scheme.....other pad colors are available at addional cost.



4-way Neck Machine:

Our 4-way neck machines are available  specifically for rehabilitation clinics .  Being the most popular unit of the two neck machines in our line, it was
designed for neck rehabilitation -  not fitness or bodybuilding - which requires more resistance capability. 

Note: Before ordering, please be aware that we have two different neck machines in our line which compliment each other.

(Please see our Cervical Rotation  neck machine for more information.) 

There are other exercise machines in our line that can be used in both a fitness and a rehab setting.  However our neck machines do not make this crossover due to the delicate nature of the cervical spine that has been weakened from injury and/or surgery.
That's why we equipped our neck machines  with starting resistance as low as 1 lb., as compared to the minimum of 10 - 15 lbs.  of other neck  machines on the market today which were designed for fitness, but found their way into chiropractic and physical therapy clinics where the more acute patients aren't able to fully utilize the machine until a minimal strength threshold is achieved.

Over the past 16 years, we've installed many neck machines in rehab centers alongside other  "fitness and rehab"  4-way neck machines that were not up to task. This left the more delicate cervical spine patients behind until they progressed enough to meet the minimal resistance of the fitness machine.

Such patients were relegated to using low tech methods for neck exercise such as rubber bands which carry with it the unnecessary unloading characteristics that make these types of modalities less effective than the use of neck machines which allow the user to concentrate all efforts on displacing the exercise movement.

Your neck rehabilitation patients will benefit from our minimal 1 lb. and 2 lb. weight stack plate incrimination, providing a safer and more graduated progression of neck strengthening and increase in ROM (range of motion).

 While Incremental jumps of 5 lbs. or 10 lbs. may be fine for healthy fitness machine users, it is simply too aggressive for rehabilitative sports medical protocol.  Our minimal resistance features alone is what sets our 4-way neck machines apart from the others.  However, there are several additional features that make our machine uniquely qualified for sports medical use:


Indexed R.O.M easily adjusts start and stop ranges of exercise motion. A soft stop safely decelerates the user at the end range of motion.

 It features a comfortable, contoured head pad to ergonomically match the face. It also swivels to perform the four translational exercises without compromise. (Hence the term "8-way cervical")

4 Way Neck ROM

Adjustable counterweight keeps the R.O.M. assembly counterbalanced so users may benefit from sensitive low-end resistance of as little as 1 lb. (Yet another industry first that was improvised by us that you won't find on other neck machines.)

Neck Machine Counterweight

QuadLoc  seat mechanism allows the seat, along with stabilization pads and hand grips,  to rotate 360 degrees and lock into 4 different positions (90 degrees apart) to perform each exercise.

Adjustable chest and back pads properly position the user horizontally and maximize stabilization to help isolate targeted muscle groups.

This critical capability is found only on our neck machines and prevents the user from "cheating" or slumping during exercise, thus skewing consistent progression documentation.

The chest pad may be adjusted out of the way if so desired.  The chest and back stabilization pads are each infinitely adjustable within  their ranges.

In order to properly match the user to the neck machine for each of the different exercise movements, the chest pad, back pad, and handgrips are available for use in each exercise setup configuration by way of our QualLoc seat. 

pressurized gas shock assists in telescopically adjusting the seat up or down with minimal, two finger lifting effort.

Isolation Pads Used During Neck Exercise

Lumbar support pad attaches to back seat with Velcro flaps and can be adjusted to comfort the user or removed if desired.

Adjustable Lumbar Support

Selectorized 40 lb Weight Stack  features 25 levels of isotonic resistance, with a minimum starting resistance of 1 lb.

Weight stack resistance increments:

From   1 lb. - 10 lbs:    1 lb. increments
From 12 lbs - 40 lbs:    2 lb. increments 

 Weight plates are machined from solid steel and are unbreakable.

Selectorized Weight Stack

Solid steel machine frames are built from 2" x 4" rectangular tubing in the base, and 3" x 3" square tubing in upright members.  Frame tubing has a 3/16" (.188") wall thickness which is 50% more than the industry standard 11 gauge (.120") as specified by other exercise machine manufacturers.

Our heavier tubing increases patient confidence while exercising on a sturdier machine.

 Durable high-gloss baked-on polyester powder coated finish will keep your neck machine looking like new.

*Does not include shipping, taxes and/or duty (if applicable). Prices and specifications subject to change without prior notification.

** Subject to credit approval. Assumes full line purchase on a 60 month lease with one payment made in advance, and a $1.00 buyout at the end of the lease term. Shipping not included (? )

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  Floor foot print dimensions of the EWC-40.

Floor space required to work with patient on the EWC-40.

Sample floor plans and do-it-yourself layout kit.

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Compare our quality features with other brands.

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