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This unit targets the lumbar region.

Exercise movements performed by this unit.



Our Eight-way Torso machine is the most versatile of the
two back machines in our line.

We offer the only back machine available which combines the utility of the traditional low back extension machine, abdominal flexion machine, and lateral oblique flexion machine - designed into one compact unit.

Other combination ab flexion/ low back extension machines on the market today do not feature lateral oblique flexion which is an important and often overlooked component of back rehabilitation exercise protocol.

Flexion exercises tend to lift the user off the seat.  Thanks to our own exclusive QuadLoc swivel seat innovation which allows utilization of hold-down straps for each of theexercise movements, the user is properly restrained duringboth abdominal flexion as well as oblique flexion.

Another innovative feature, exclusive only on our ab/back machine is the ability to transform the seat configuration so the user is properly staged for a given exercise.

Our ab/back machine has the unique capability to adjust the seat angle from flat (zero degrees) to 20 degrees for low back extension - which is the standard on freestanding dedicated back extension machines.  Other ab/back machines have a fixed flat seat angle which is biomechanically correct for flexion exercises, but compromises the integrity of the back extension exercise movement.

You could spend more than $8000 on individual freestanding machines to acquire the exercise capability of just one of our ab/back machines - Not to mention using 3 times the floor space


QuadLoc seat swivels 360 degrees and locks every 90 degrees. Height adjustments are pressurized gas shock assisted to aid patients exercising alone. The swiveling component includes 4" wide, padded hold-down straps attached to the seat.

The seat pad will adjust from zero degrees  (for abdominal and lateral flexion) to 20 degrees of incline (for back extension), in 5 degree increments.

For abdominal flexion, the
sacrum pad is moved into "up" position to prevent the user from slipping off the back of the seat during exercise.

Sacrum pad folded up in position to prevent slippage.Sacrum pad folded down to clear back during extension.

Indexed R.O.M. assembly has both start and stop range adjustments that take only a few seconds to set. Together, our progressive resistance cam drives the counterbalanced R.O.M. assembly ensuring a biomechanically correct force/angle curve throughout the full range of motion.

The attached roller pad adjusts telescopically to match the user, and swivels for translational movements.

Side view of the EWT-250 R.O.M. Front view of EWT-250 R.O.M.

Soft stop range limiter safely decelerates the end range of movement at predetermined positions.

Soft stop limiter.

250 lb weight stack made of unbreakable solid steel featuring resistance selections, with the minimum starting resistance of 10 lbs. Weight stack resistance progresses in 10 lb increments from 10 lbs - 250 lbs.

Steel plate will not break or shatter.

5 lb. add-on plate is available.

Solid steel 250 lb. weight stack..

Nylon aircraft pulleys are fitted with ball bearings for smooth, quiet operation and years of reliable, maintenance-free service.

Nylon aircraft pulleys.

Frames are made entirely from steel with the base made from 2" x 4" rectangular tubing and the uprights made from 2" x 2" square tubing -each with 3/16" wall thickness. Baked-on polyester powder coating is applied over the frame for ultimate rust protection and scratch resistance.

*Does not include shipping, taxes and/or duty (if applicable). Prices and specifications subject to change without prior notification.

** Subject to credit approval. Assumes full line purchase on a 60 month lease with one payment made in advance, and a $1.00 buyout at the end of the lease term. Shipping not included(? )

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  Floor foot print dimensions of the EWT-250.

Floor space required to work with patient on the EWT-250.

Sample floor plans and do-it-yourself layout kit.

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Compare our quality features with other brands.

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