Multi 4 Way Hip Exercise Machine
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Area Targeted by the Hip Rehab Machine

Hip Machine Exercises

Standard color scheme.....other pad colors are available at addional cost.


Our 4-way hip machines perform a wide variety of exercises for rehabilitation of the hip region and portions of the lower extremity, yet they are heavy duty enough to withstand the rigors of a commercial fitness environment.

This highly versatile multi-hip exercise machine is equipped with a full 360 degree Start/Stop  R.O.M. adjustment and bidirectional cam, making virtually any hip exercise possible with varying resistance loads.

Rubberized non-slip decals applied to a steel platform lift keep the user on solid footing.

Stabilization hand rails further the user's balance, confidence, and safety when performing  hip exercises while standing on one leg as the other leg is working against a comfortable foam roller pad.

The foam roller pad swivels freely to ergonomically accommodate translational exercises that are critical to postural rehab.

The combination of an adjustable platform lift and a telescopically adjustable foam roller pad make this unit the ideal hip rehab machine for physical therapy or chiropractic rehabilitation.

Platform height adjustment effortlessly adjusts user into proper vertical position with the assistance of a pressurized gas shock.  Most users can raise or lower the lift using only two fingers.

Gas shock assisted platform lift.

Indexed R.O.M. assembly quickly adjusts both the starting and ending points of a prescribed exercise range. R.O.M. assemblies on all of our units ride on dual flange ball bearing units for frictionless motion. Bearing units are permanently lubricated and therefore maintenance free.

Indexed R.O.M. assembly.

Soft stop range limiter is spring-loaded to gradually decelerate the end range of the exercise movement.

Spring-loaded stop limiter.

200 lb weight stack features 20 levels of resistance, with the minimum starting resistance of 10 lbs. Weight stack resistance progresses in 10lb increments from 10 lbs - 200 lbs. Every unit in our line is equipped with weight stacks machined from unbreakable solid steel -not cast iron which is known to shatter when abused.

A 5-lb add on plate is available for reducing increments further.

Solid steel 200 lb. weight stack.

Our solid steel frame is made from 2" x 4"
rectangular tubing in the base, and 2" x 2" square
tubing uprights -each with 3/16" wall thickness. 

Compare this with the "industry standard" 1/8" 911 gauge)  wall thickness.

Frames are finished with durable baked-on polyester powder coating.

*Does not include shipping, taxes and/or duty (if applicable). Prices and specifications subject to change without prior notification.

** Subject to credit approval. Assumes full line purchase on a 60 month lease with one payment made in advance, and a $1.00 buyout at the end of the lease term. Shipping not included (? )

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  Base dimensions of the muliti-hip machine

Floor area requirments for hip rehab machine

Sample floor plans and do-it-yourself layout kit.

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Compare our quality features with other brands.

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